Biography of the Andrew Kurtis

M.A.(Lon.), B.Des.(Hons.), L.S.I.A.D.

Born in London, Andrew has always shown a great love for art, even when very young. This was pursued in latter years whilst working in industry, where he obtained the City and Guilds diploma.

Continuing his studies at Technical College in London he gained Licentiateship to the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers. He then continued his education in Graphic Design and History of Art at the Central School of Art and Design where he successfully completed a Bachelor of Design degree with honours, progressing through to postgraduate studies where he attained a Master of Art degree.

Having worked for many years producing oil paintings on general landscape, equestrian, architectural and marine subjects, Andrew has established himself mainly to landscape -especially drawn towards the beautiful mountainous regions of Scotland and Wales, of which he richly embellishes with a unique method of atmospheric perspective, capturing all that is typical of a panoramic view on a sunny summer's day, the play of light on clouds, land and water following 'laws of nature' to dictate the ever changing moods being captured in oil paint, by preparing his own pigments and mediums carefully by hand, he maintains the science and craft of oil painting traditions.

In Andrew's paintings we see all the depth and thoroughness, all the devotion and patience with which he studies nature, from the giant mountain ranges to the gossamer lacework of the leaves, from the intricate forms of the clouds in the sky to a sequestered forest shading wild flowers and woodland plants. Solitude and tranquillity is seen to permeate throughout his paintings using a palette of pure colours to produce his recognisable ensemble of subtle tints, in order to create a painting characterised by a specific technique of portraying light-suffused, translucent and pure colouring, which tends to emphasize the richness of the tones and to enliven the various colours with shades of differing density. His sunlight infiltrates the forest depths or appears in flashes amid the distant trees, forming an emotional cohesiveness to landscape compositions.

The various elements of luscious landscape mirrored in tranquil lakes or echoed in the refraction of trickling streams, these are the attractions that inspire Andrew to paint, and using a painterly manner approach to his work we see the many shades of prime colours, the complex colour graduations, and variety of methods used to apply the paint, all bear witness to the artist's conscientious efforts at achieving expressiveness in the depiction of nature.

He has had many graphic designs published and his paintings are established throughout the world, being collected and admired by connoisseurs and patrons of fine art.